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The Undersea Journal Article

Written by Eddie Lock, Summer 2002

I wanted to write a letter commending a PADI Instructor of exceptional service to the diving community, someone whom I have worked with and personally known for over 15 years. He has been a PADI Instructor/MSDT for many years. He teaches PADI courses for college credit, along with running, triathlon, competitive swimming and golf at a community college in the Dallas area (Eastfield College). Because of his community involvement, he was chosen to carry the Olympic torch on 12 December 2001.

I took almost all of my PADI courses with Ken, along with other classes while I was back in college. He is a man of singular character, always serving as a role model for his students. Professional excellence is the norm for Ken.

He has an exceptionally large number of students returning for continuing education classes. It’s not uncommon for him to have dozens of divemasters and divemaster candidates helping with his classes. He juggles a strong family life with a dedication to teaching and community involvement. He is a credit to the PADI organization and progressive diver education.

Diving is a big part of my life. Recently, I passed the Instructor Examination. The examiner reminded us to thank those who influenced us and contributed to our success. He was right - it’s important to thank those people.

Ken has been a very big motivator in my life, and of many others. I wanted to ask PADI if Ken could be recognized for his contribution to the diving community, perhaps by special recognition in The Undersea Journal and on the PADI website. Maybe PADI has already recognized Ken. But if not, they should - he deserves it. Ken Balvin (MSDT-8614), Mesquite, TX,USA

-Eddie Lock, Friend, Former Student, PADI Instructor